Jonathan Franzen_The Great American Novelist

Jonathan Franzen is one of the acclaimed American Novelist with an International best-seller such as The Corrections published in 2001. His latest novel Freedom is published in August 2010 and he has something to say about the meaning of Freedom.

“It seems to me that if we were going to be elevating freedom to the defining principle of what we’re about as a culture and a nation, we ought to take a careful look at what freedom in parctice brings.”

For Franzen character’s in his book Freedom, too much freedom is an empty, dangerously entropic thing. After all, energy companies are free to ravage and poison the breeding grounds of the cerulean warbler. If Patty and Walter (the character in Freedom) divorced, they would be free, but it’s freedom they would do most anything to avoid.”

“And no one is freer than a person with no moral beliefs.”

There is something beyond freedom that people need: work, love, belief in something, commitment to something. Freedom is not enough. It’s what you do with freedom that matters.

Summarized from; Jonathan Frazer_The Great American Novelist, Jonathan Franzen, The Wide Shot by Lev Grossman.

TIME magazine, August 23, 2010.

For a complete article, visit,8599,2010000,00.html


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