America, I (hate) am lovin’ it

So this is about America and all stuff that make you jump when you hear the fact about this big country. I mean, the facts themselves are not something new for us, they are told many times but still you need a right time to hear a right stuff, if not, the right stuff will not hang on your brain as strong as hurricane or as shocking as lady gaga outfit.
So, whats new? It just the fact that America, is not as big as we thought. It is big because we THINK it is big. It is not real. How can you conclude or adore a country that build its dignity A.K.A economy based on debt? 300 billion dollars is not a joke It is a big deal from places that are not popular since you don’t desperately wanna live there such as China and Taiwan.
The other important fact is this discriminative piece of earth. Which its founding father has dualistic on implying what they called democracy while on other side, They still admit slavery. Or how can they so proudly declare about its democracy while she is still chasing this emporium wannabe. Or how can you measure its freedom while women need almost two century to vote. Is that marvelous?
Or lets say how ignorance are we when we forget (or maybe don’t care) that this City upon the hill paradigm make the people of this country feel as the chosen one while only 20 percent of them have VISA? How could they know that they are better if they haven’t compared themselves with other? Or let’s remember what Ms Condolezze Rice thought about her faith on how universal value that American has. The value which fits perfectly for all people in entire piece of world?? Come on. If you think that this belief just belong to this ex- foreign minister, think again when you find out that there are millions people live there that still think to ‘civilized’ other people in distant because they already believed that their values are the best.
But, anyway, still I like America. In fact I use her language. In fact I still watch her movies and home made series (gotta watch 30 rock for hundreds time), and in fact I learn about its ‘uniqueness’. There is no other country that is hated and loved like America.
Guess what, have you ever think, why there are so many literatures which tell about her crippled and greedy but still these work have their line and space? The government doesn’t give a piece of concern with this “suicide action” done by her citizen, why?? And here we have fantastic but ironic wisdom.
People love America because he lets people shows his weaknesses. People love America because they can say anything, prove anything, criticize anything but still this country will embrace you warmly. You could throw her a bunch of burger (let me think that, is it another name of trash?) but still he will smile upon you.
So, how people do not hate it? Because this nephew of Sam knows exactly how to torture you nicely….hehehehe.


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